Roddie Mira
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Roddie Mira

In a time and age where urban music has reached a point where fans and connoisseurs alike have come to wonder what the future will hold for it, emerges Roddie Mira.

Introducing a truly refreshing style and visionary approach – yet taking us back to the days where mesmerizing beats and meaningful lyricism epitomized the culture.

Being born in Cameroon, growing up multilingual and spending most of his life in Europe make his perspectives genuinely international – an attribute that is remarkably reflected in his creativeness, versatility and use of language.

Blessed with a smooth voice, lyrical precision and a natural flow, Roddie blends classic elements of Hip Hop, R&B and Soul with his own unique flavor – creating a truly eclectic style.

From opening for the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, writing and producing for other aspiring artists, to touring Europe and Asia as an performer and educator, the phrase The World Is Yours by one of his favorite artists still inspires him.

Roddie Mira’s release “No Loyalty” stands testament to his aforementioned style of writing, production and thinking. The song highlights the ever growing contrast between what’s being said and what’s actually true. All the while acknowledging the human desire to be trusted and loved.

It is exactly that personality and that approach towards music that clearly set him apart from most other artists.

Just listen…

Shot by

Lydia Jonas


March 7, 2018


Coach, Producer, Singer, Songwriter